Lambs Fry and Bacon

Not to everyones liking but for me it is delicious particularly when accompanied by fried onions and bacon gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and peas.

The lambs fry needs to be fresh otherwise it can be quite crumbly inside (not nice). Rinse under cold water and cut into 1/2 inch slices, dust with flour. Add tablespoon each of butter and oil to a frypan and cook lambs fry until firm to the touch, remove and keep warm. Add extra oil to pan and fry onions until quite soft, fry off bacon and make a gravy with Self Raising flour (about 2 heaped tablespoons), good dash of tomato sauce and Worcester Sauce, plus water (add small amount at a time depending on how thick you want your gravy). Return lambs fry to pan and heat through.



Fond memories o…

Fond memories of my mother’s kitchen warm the heart

Can you remember the taste of food your mother created during your childhood. Like most people of  my age food was fairly bland and generally totally over-cooked. 

Starting this blog it is my aim to bring the good rather than the bad and ugly, so for those of you who may happen upon this blog I trust you will find it of interest.