Before I started to cook

Mum baked for special occasions and it was usually done whilst we were not around, certainly from my point of view, as I don’t remember watching her make cakes or biscuits, so I can’t say that she taught me how to cook.

That didn’t bother me, but when I thought I should learn how to cook I started collecting recipes for when I got married, so from about 20 years of age I started my “recipe book” which consisted of recipes cut out of magazines or favourites from Mum’s recipe book.

In the front cover of the book I pasted a cartoon which had a picture of two ladies sitting having afternoon tea and another walking past with parcels of groceries. The caption read “Sally thinks glory boxes are old-fashioned, she’s filling a freezer instead”. How true that ended up being.

I then wrote on the front page a poem which I think all couples should take note of –

How to preserve a husband

Be careful in your selection, take only such as have been reared in good moral atmosphere. Do no choose too young. Some girls insist on keeping them in a pickle, while others keep them in hot water. This only makes them sour, hard and sometimes bitter. Even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience, well sweetened with smiles, and flavoured to taste with kisses, then wrap them in a mantle of charity, keep warm with a steady fire of devotion and serve with peaches and cream, when thus prepared they will keep for years.



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